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I've been fortunate enough to contribute to publications like Search Engine Watch and Forbes. Writing thought leadership pieces on SEO, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Charitable Giving is super rewarding to me.


Search Engine Journal - 10/18/21
A Technical Guide to Google's PageSpeed Insights Reports
LOCALiQ - 10/14/21
5 Tips for Better SEO Writing Your Audience (& Google!) Will Love
Content Marketing Institute - 10/7/21
Drop Great Anchor Text to Keep Your SEO Strategy Afloat
SmartBrief - 10/6/21
5 Easy Changes Google Could Make to Be Less Monopolistic
6 SEO Tips for B2B Brands
WORDSTREAM - 9/15/21
What is Schema Markup? (+6 Easy Types to Use for Your Small Business)
G2 - 9/15/21
How to Actually Quantify the ROI of Your SEO Campaigns
ReadWrite - 9/6/21
How Will the Page Experience Update Transform Search?
Serpstat - 8/17/21
Why the Death of Cookies Could Make It So Only Google Wins
Search Engine Journal - 8/16/21
A Guide to Google Search Console Reporting for SEO Agencies
allBusiness - 7/19/21
Strengths and Weaknesses of the Major Digital Marketing Platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Organic SEO
LOCALiQ - 7/1/21
What Is Reputation Management? (+9 Tips to Get Started)
Search Engine Journal - 6/29/21
17 Reasons Why Your Enterprise SEO May Be Underperforming
WORDSTREAM - 6/16/21
How to Use Google Search Console (the Right Way!) to Improve SEO
MarketingProfs - 6/9/2021
Why B2B Companies Need Closed-Loop Analytics
Content Marketing Institute - 5/17/21
3 Quality Signals That Help Content Rank Higher in the SERPs
CXL - 4/22/21
4 Advanced Meta Tags For SEO You Might Not Be Using But Should
Search Engine Journal - 4/19/21
Meta Tag Generators: How, Why & When to Use Them
Content Marketing Institute - 4/12/21
5 Mistakes That Google Doesn’t Like and How to Stop Making Them
AllBusiness - 3/30/21
7 Effective Ways to Increase Engagement with Facebook Ads
Search Engine Journal - 3/23/21
Keyword Clusters: How to Level up Your SEO Content Strategy
SmartBrief - 3/19/21
Want to improve your company culture? Try happiness
CXL - 3/3/21
How to Use Your PPC Campaigns as a Prospecting Tool for SEO
OnCrawl - 3/2/21
Google's Crawl Budget: How it Works and How to Maximize Yours
Search Engine Watch - 1/20/21
How to perform SEO A/B testing in Google Search Console
Search Engine Watch - 11/26/20
The Anatomy of a Negative SEO Attack
Search Engine Watch - 10/26/20
PageRank Sculpting: How to Get More From your Links
Venture Beat - 10/24/20
Can the Department of Justice Teach Google How to Share?
Addicted2Success - 10/3/20
How to be a Responsible Investor of your Time
Addicted2Success - 8/25/20
How to Stay Happy in the Hustle
Search Engine Watch - 8/21/20
What the Commoditization of Search Engine Technology with GPT-3 Means for Google and SEO
Search Engine Watch - 7/22/20
1000 Ranking Factors: How Google Finds Signal Through the Noise
Business 2 Community - 7/13/20
Here’s Why your Google Ads Campaigns Aren’t Performing Well
Addicted2Success - 7/5/20
Why Working Faster Matters, Even When you Make Mistakes
Business 2 Community - 7/2/20
Why SEO (Not Google Ads) is Still the Best Choice for your Business
Addicted2Success - 6/21/20
My Company Went Vegan to Change our Workplace and the World
Digital Connect Mag - 6/11/20
5 Work from Home Habits we should Keep After Quarantine
Forbes - 11/12/15
When It Comes To Startup Hiring, 'Always Be Looking'

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Google's SMITH vs. BERT
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With Passage Ranking, Google Indexes Individual Passages of Web Pages

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