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I’m the founder and CTO of LinkGraph, a full-service digital marketing agency that provides SEO services and growth marketing to hundreds of brands. I’m also the creator of the SearchAtlas SEO software suite. Growing brands through SEO is my greatest passion and life’s work.

As a skilled programmer, I bring a unique perspective to my SEO practice and thought leadership. With the right data-driven SEO strategy, I believe any brand can break into a market with ease and outrank their biggest competitors.

We’re making some big moves at LinkGraph which has been an exciting adventure. At the end of the day it’s all about the impact I want to have on the search space, in my philanthropy and activism. If you feel similarly, I’d love to connect.

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In-house vs. Agency 🥊 Which team are you? Drop your thoughts in the comments!
Backlinks Done Right.
AI-Powered SEO: Automate, Optimize, Dominate Rankings with @searchatlasseo
Know what went down in June? Mastermind Miami brought together exceptional marketing talent. The energy, knowledge and collaboration were off the charts. Watching everyone up their game and witnessing collective growth was truly inspiring. Can’t wait for the next one!
Our Local SEO Heat Map Tool in Search Atlas lets businesses see their rankings, track progress and benchmark against competitors. Perfect for sales calls and sharing white-labeled reports. Wanna know more? Check out the link in my bio. #SEO #LocalSEO #SearchAtlas
@gartner_inc says that one SEO software platform ranks above all for customer satisfaction and usability. Can you guess which one?
Focus matters. ⁠
Highly recommend using the On-Page Audit Tool in @searchatlasseo to address deeper issues and prioritize your SEO tasks effectively.
Excited to share that Search Atlas with our product, OTTO SEO, have been shortlisted for the Global Search Awards 2024! This recognition reflects the dedication and hard work of our team. Thank you to everyone who has supported us.
We helped a top Las Vegas attorney 5x their organic traffic in just 4 months through holistic SEO. The secret? Quality link building, creating valuable pillar content, and technical optimizations like schema and site pruning.⁠
Want to replicate their success? Simply comment “holistic SEO” below, and I’ll share our proven blueprint with you for free.
Today is the day 🎉 We’re launching OTTO SEO, the world’s first automated SEO AI agent. Install in seconds, get instant recommendations and deploy them automatically and save hundreds of hours on SEO tasks. ⁠
Meet OTTO on Product Hunt and fall in love with it! ⁠
Check out the link in my bio. ⁠
I spend 20k per month on my SEO experiments team. Whenever we prove that something works, we integrate it into our Holistic SEO Strategy and we integrate it into OTTO SEO. 
And guess what? Tomorrow is the big day! 🎉 We are launching OTTO SEO! Join the hype at our live launch! June 13th – 10AM PST / 1PM EST. Register now to secure your spot! Check out the link in my bio. ⁠
Have you ever heard of orphan pages? This is how they can impact your website’s SEO and what you can do about it.⁠
Ready to rescue your orphan pages and boost your rankings? Try Search Atlas’s Site Visualizer⁠
#SEOtips #websiteoptimization #orphanpages @searchatlasseo ⁠
Every website has its unique challenges for ranking better on Google. Whether it’s building backlinks, optimizing landing pages, or enhancing UX signals, OTTO by @searchatlasseo covers all bases to propel your site forward. ⁠
Excited for the launch? OTTO is coming your way NEXT WEEK! 🎉 
#SEO #googleranking #digitalmarketing
Improve SEO with AI? Yes, please! 
Here’s how: Use @searchatlasseo to identify your top keywords, then plug them into our Content Assistant. It reverse-engineers top-ranking pages, giving you a content gap assessment. Add suggested “entities” to your landing pages to boost relevance in Google’s eyes.⁠
Ready to start your AI-driven SEO journey? Register at SearchAtlas.com for free. ⁠
#googleranking #digitalmarketing #contentstrategy ⁠
#ai #artificialintelligence #seo #searchengineoptimization #searchenginemarketing
Want to decode your competitors’ SEO? Here’s how:⁠
With @searchatlasseo Site Explorer you can uncover their top keywords and best-performing pages. Track their Google and Facebook ads to see what’s working. Reverse engineer their backlink strategy to build your authority. Then, apply their winning strategies to outrank them.⁠
Curious to learn more? Shoot me a DM for more insights!⁠
#SEOtips #digitalmarketing #contentstrategy #backlinkbuilding #competitiveanalysis #searchatlas⁠
Is Al going to replace Google Search?

There’s a lot of talk about SGE and ChatGPT taking over, but it hasn’t happened. No. Why? Because accurate and reliable information depends on authoritative sources. Search engines, whether traditional or Al-driven, rely on the same principles: authority, accuracy, and credibility.

Search engines will continue to evolve, but the core principles of evaluating content remain unchanged. Authority and relevance will always be key.

#seo #artificialintelligence #searchengines #google #chatgpt
Why doesn’t SEO work for some websites? Often, it’s not the SEO itself but the strategy behind it. To get it right, you need to look at the full picture. 

#SEO #digitalmarketing #googlerankings
Resilience is what sets you apart.
Did you know 95% of the internet gets ZERO traffic from Google? 

That’s because the search engine only indexes a tiny fraction of what’s out there. This video breaks down how to get your content into that exclusive 5%:⁠

✔️ Higher quality, more relevant stuff than your competitors⁠
✔️ Pro-level technical SEO and schema strategies⁠
✔️ Building strong authority and backlinks⁠
#SEO #googleranking
Using ChatGPT for blog posts? ⚠️ You might be ruining your SEO!⁠
To really rank on page 1, you gotta play by Google’s rules - relevant topics, optimized headers and proper info hierarchy.⁠
The key? Using AI as a drafting tool, not the final product. Feed it instructions, outlines and insights from top-ranking content. Then optimize that material into something Google will love.
Terry Power is a treasure trove of insight into the latest in AI innovation across content, image, and video generation.

He demonstrated how you can build custom GPTs trained on your own content to perform context specific question and answers based on that same content. 

Brilliant work Terry thanks for sharing your research and knowledge, and helping surface the best of the new AI tools out there 🙂
Brian Winum sharing his Hybrid Authority Sites approach of building sites with authoritative content that are Google News approved and effective for link building as PBNs. 

Great first-hand knowledge from someone who’s been in the game for 20 years.

More info check out Authamp.com
Flying into 2018 - Happy New Year from Las Torres, Patagonia!
Cultural Immersion #yonosoymarinero #soycapitan #crowdpleaser
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How to Actually Quantify the ROI of...
There are two ways that site owners have traditionally quantified the ROI of SEO traffic. First, the price they would have paid to buy that traffic in Google Ads. Second, the actual revenues generated from those organic clicks. Unfortunately, both of these strategies require really high revenues and squeaky clean analytics – something many smaller or newer websites with less resources don’t have.
ReadWrite - 9/6/21
How Will the Page Experience Update Transform...
After a year of anticipation, Google’s long-awaited Page Experience Update has finally rolled out. That means websites that are fast loading, responsive, and high-performing will now have a better chance of ranking for relevant search queries.
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A Guide to Google Search Console Reporting...
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What Is Reputation Management? (+9 Tips to...
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17 Reasons Why Your Enterprise SEO May...
Enterprise-level websites often have hundreds to thousands of landing pages. With so much content for Google to crawl, index, and rank, an enterprise SEO plan can be easily derailed.
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Google Search Console is a powerful tool that business owners, marketers, and SEO specialists can use to elevate their site’s digital presence and organic traffic.
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In 2020, B2B digital marketing spend surpassed $8 billion and accounted for 11.3% of company budgets, on average. Although those numbers are expected to grow in 2021, only 1 out of 5 B2B brands are successfully tracking the ROI of their paid media campaigns.
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LinkGraph CTO, Manick Bhan, discusses how PageRank sculpting with internal links and A/B testing is a powerful strategy to improve rankings for high-value landing pages.
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Creating a high-performing Google Ads campaign is no simple task. Adwords has become increasingly competitive across every niche, and even the most skilled digital marketers can end up running unprofitable campaigns.
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When it comes to jump-starting your site traffic and growing your business, paid media can be enticing because of its ability to get your company in front of real people searching for products or services like yours.
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My Company Went Vegan to Change our...
At my company, a team lunch involves veggie burgers, coconut curry with tofu, and flavorful vegan falafel. When new employees on-board, we host our welcome lunches at plant-based taquerias and delis.
Digital Connect Mag - 6/11/20
5 Work from Home Habits we should...
During the past two months, many organizations discovered the hard way that they didn’t have the infrastructure to support company-wide remote work.
Forbes - 11/12/15
When It Comes To Startup Hiring, 'Always...
When trying to get a startup off the ground, so much time and effort goes into developing the product and reaching the customer that founders often forget about the most important part of the company – the team.

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“If you’re hosting a conference or event and are looking for speakers on the topics of marketing, entrepreneurship, software engineering, or philanthropy, I’d love to talk. My goal is to bring excitement, fun, and practical application to my talks so your audience leaves with actionable advice and a ton of energy.”

Manick Bhan, CTO at LinkGraph

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